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All About Me

Real name: Tara
Age: 26
Online names: tara2saveu, fireangel76, allamericangirl76
Occupation: I am working as a tech in an emergency room
Location: Right now it's Newport News, Virginia, but I have also lived in South Carolina, Hawaii, and Texas( that's where I was born )
Children: Yes I have one. I have a daughter named Savannah Wynter
Pets: I have a dog, named Shellie and two cats, named Ming and Angel
Fav music: I like country
Things to do: I like to sing, play pool and putt putt. I also like to go for walks, and play with my daughter
Fav movies: The Little Mermaid, Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club,Ever After
Fav TV shows: Survivor, CSI, JAG
Hobbies: Ceramics, painting, singing and sitting on my butt doing nothing
Dislikes: Stupid people, people that hurt animals, people who can't drive ( or who just don't get out of the way ). I think that covers just about everybody
Important things: The birth of my daughter
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